HM Doors and Frames

Ceco Doors/ Frames

Ceco Door offers a complete line of standard hollow metal doors in face sheet gauges ranging from 20 to 14.

Ceco has variety of core choices including honeycomb, polystyrene, polyureahane foam and temperature rise cores. The Fuego Temperature Rise doors offer the maximum in fire and life safety as they feature 250 degrees F ratings. Fire ratings are available from 20 minutes through 3 hours. Ceco also offers energy efficient doors such as Trio-E.

Ceco doors have been tested to out-perform all test criteria available for physical endurance and cycle of use. The combined durability and economy of these doors make them popular choices for a variety of users.

Ceco steel-stiffened doors are used in areas where optimum security and susceptibility to vandalism and break-in are of paramount concern. Face sheets are available in gauges 18 to 14, with door thicknesses of both 1-3/4″ and 2″.

Fire ratings are available from 20 minutes through 3 hours with 450 degree F temperature rise option. Ceco Medallion and Trio series steel stiffened doors offer a range of products suited for institutional and commercial security uses.

Standard masonry, drywall frames have precision die-cut corners with positive locking tabs to assure rigid assembly connections. Standard frames are available from Ceco in series, profile, face dimensions, gauges, and door opening sizes to fit most any need in the construction industry today. In addition, Ceco and its distributors can modify and weld frames to expand the variety of frames available even further.

Steelcraft Doors/Frames

No other manufacturer offers as robust selection of steel doors and frames as Steelcraft. Their sole focus is on the design, manufacture and constant improvement of steel doors and frames, and it shows.

Steelcraft doors are designed to fit virtually any construction requirements for commercial, institutional and industrial building applications. Their construction, durability and flexibility have been proven throughout the world in both operation and physical testing of all types.

For more information on the variety of cores, panel designs, construction options, sizes, security, etc. please consult our team.

De La Fontaine

To meet their clients’ needs, DE LA FONTAINE offers a full range of high-performance steel door cores. No matter what type of door you need and how you plan to use it, they have a core to suit your project:

  • Mineral core, to reinforce fire protection for building occupants;
  • Insulated core, to improve the door’s energy efficiency;
  • Core with vertical steel stiffeners, to increase durability and security;
  • Lead-lined core, for use in radiation environments.

De La Fontaine offers a wide range of steel frame profiles, which can be customized to meet your needs. Several factors may influence the design of a given profile, such as the wall conditions where it will be installed, the door thickness, style considerations, and fire-rating requirements. They provide exceptional delivery turnaround times, even for special steel frame profiles.