Commercial Doors and Frames


Special-Lite, Inc. has a long history of producing entrance products that provide longer service life even in the most demanding markets. Their high-performance, custom-fabricated entrance systems include flush doors, monumental doors, framing, panels, vision lites, and related hardware products for new construction, renovation or replacement requirements.

Every door and frame they make is a custom solution, made to order. Special-Lite have the services and support to bring your design ideas to life with the right entrance system to suit any application. Special-Lite can even provide you with computer-generated design renderings to help with the specification and design process. In addition, their most popular models are available on short notice through an Express Program.

Corrim FRP Door / Frames

CORRIM (corrosion-immune) is an established manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) doors, frames, fixed windows, fixed wall louvers and door accessories. With over 30 years expertise, the CORRIM Company specializes in the fabrication of both fully-customized door systems and a complete range of door panels. More importantly, they never lose sight of the fact that attention is given to ensure the final product is of sound design and engineering and of the highest quality.

  • CORRIM FRP Doors and Frames carry a lifetime warranty against corrosion.
  • CORRIM FRP Doors can be ordered with smooth, pebble or wood grain face sheets. The choice is yours.
  • CORRIM FRP Doors and Frames can be ordered in any color. The choice is yours.
  • CORRIM FRP Doors and Frames can be ordered with a polyurethane finish or matte gelcoat. The choice is yours.
  • CORRIM FRP Doors and Frames can be manufactured in 1/16″ increments. The choice is yours.
  • CORRIM only builds doors to extra heavy duty standards.

The properties of fiberglass reinforced polymer make it ideal for a broad range of applications. CORRIM door and panel products offer structural integrity and resistance to many elements. Fiberglass is resistant to corrosive environments, it is not conductive and acts as an excellent insulator, nonmagnetic, provides great strength, lightweight, dimensionally stable and features a smooth surface that withstands cleaning agents and animal wastes. Fiberglass composite will not detriorate or flake. In addition, polymer doors are very resistant to traffic abuse. In broad terms, CORRIM door and frame products are unique in their application against other materials.

Overly – Ballistic Bullet Proof Doors, Acoustical Doors

All systems have been tested and are labeled to the Underwriters Laboratory UL-752 “Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment”. In addition, many of their products can bear up to 3-hour UL fire-resistance ratings. As a manufacturer of custom designed ballistic door and window systems, Overly has the capabilities to design and build to all of your exacting specifications.

Overly’s Bullet-Resistant Door and Window Systems provide a superior level of protection for the most demanding applications. With over 50 years’ experience designing and manufacturing bullet-resistant products, they have the experience it takes to ensure the safety of your personnel or property from direct arms fire. They offer a full range of pre-engineered models and can custom design for your specific needs.

Because acoustical doors are constructed differently than traditional hollow metal doors, certain considerations must be made when selecting hardware for them. Some options work better than others and some do not work at all.

Over 100 years of experience has taught them that without the correct hardware, acoustical doors can perform below their anticipated sound control levels. This is typically due to hardware that is incompatible with the unique sound control accessories used on acoustical doors.